Website Loading Slow ? Loading Speed Issue.

There could be the number of possibilities why a website experiences slow loading.  The possibilities are fed with the technical aspects in the server configuration and sometimes also with the way that the website has been developed. Most of the times The issues are resolved with simple changes in the server configuration. If the issue is fed with the website developed which is consuming more of the resources, then it needs to be optimised with the coding level.


Your website is loading slow? and want to know why it is loading slow. There could be 100s reasons why your website is loading slow.
We at HostingRaja, Whenever we get such a loading time related issues, We diagnose it in the following manner.
Step 01: Is there any server specific issue ? Like server overload or mysql overload or any other services eats more memory or CPU. Most likely this can not be the reason. Bcoz, we have automated server monitoring at HostingRaja, So when there is a server issue/problem, then the server tries to fix the problem by itself automatically without human help.  If there is any server problem, We get automatic notification and even before client notices the problem, We will fix it.
Step 02: Network Issue
Sometime there could be a network issue from the server, Which is very rare as we have network connections from at least 8 providers. If the website is slow, We sometime ask you to send the tracert or ping result. Please send it.
Step 03: Poor development with heavy contents
More than 98% of the time, This is the issue. Whatever it may be the server specification or speed, If the website is poorly designed and developed and not properly optimized, then nothing can be done from server side. It has be optimized by the web developer.

We will guide you step by step.
First Visit: and enter your website URL and find out your score. Means, the best score means, your website is optimized better 
The score should be in Green color as you see in the below image. If not in green color, then certainly your website will load slow in any server.
If you website is poorly developed and optimized then it will not be in a green color. If not in green color, then you have to work on it to make it properly optimized. 

As Next Step, You can google & find out, 100s of various tools are available to analyse why your website is loading slow.
Some of the best tools to find out why your website is loading slow.

You can ensure that, There is no server side problem by following the simple test.
Upload this test.html file and then try to access the file and find out the loading time. If server takes more than 3 seconds, then there could be a server or network problem.
<title>Speed Test</title>

Did this page load in under 3 seconds?

If the HTML page takes over 3 seconds to load, you may have a network problem or a web server problem.
Important: Total number of request should be less than 40 and Page size should be less than 2 MB
When you have more number of request, then your website will load slow. 
And also the the total page size should be less than 2 MB.
You can check the total number of request and Page size using