Varnish Cache Server - Fastest Cache in the World
Varnish Cache is a web server accelerator also known as a caching HTTP reverse proxy. You install it in front of any server that speaks HTTP and configure it to cache the contents. Varnish Cache is really, really fast. It typically speeds up delivery with a factor of 300 - 1000x, depending on your architecture. A high level overview of what Varnish does can be seen in this video.
Why should I install Varnish cache server or How it helps me ?
  1. First of all, Your websites loads fast and very fast. 
  2. Faster website gets good ranking in Google SEO and increases your sales by 40%
  3. Reduces your hardware or server cost. You dont need to spend more money on servers
  4. Does not over your server, Delivers the content in lighting speed.
Why Features and Benefits of Varnish Cache servers.
  • Speed and performance are the heart of Varnish Cache
  • Savings in server infrastructure cost
  • Scalability – no matter the number of visitors or requests, Varnish Cache helps your site match the demand
  • Protection against outages—if your server fails, Varnish Cachecontinues to serve cached content
  • Flexibility – Varnish Configuration Language (VCL) builds customized solutions, rules and modules
  • Improved end-user experience
How Varnish and Apache Works together
[Image: varnish.png]
To Learn about case studies, Check 
[Image: varnish-wp-setup.jpg]
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