When will my domain start working? / How long does it take for DNS propagation?

When you buy a Domain name and you are provided with the DNS values, you need to deploy them  in the server configurations. The DNS aspects what you update needs to undergo several phenomena to reflect globally. The exact time to DNS propagation cannot be predicted but you can expect the procedure to be completed within the time range of 48 hours. Once the DNS is propagated your website can be accessed around the globe.


Name server changes usually take 24 to 48 hours to start working. This phenomenon is known as propagation. Because of propagation, not all visitors will follow your new name servers to your new hosting account; some visitors will continue to follow your old name servers to your old hosting account.
Any time that DNS changes are made (on any level), you need to wait for propagation to complete. Propagation usually takes around 24 hours but is never takes more than 48 hours. During propagation, traffic may come to either location. One person may see the new server while someone else sees the old one.
How long does it take to refresh my DNS cache?
The cache is cleared over a certain amount of time. We suggest waiting up to 24 hours for the DNS cache to be fully refreshed. DNS will refresh according to the "TTL" or "Time To Live". When the DNS refreshes according to its TTL, the propagation is complete and your site will load.
How do I check if my domain DNS is propagated? You can also ping and traceroute your domain locally from your Windows/Mac command prompt to verify what IP you are actually seeing. If the ping and traceroute test show your server with us in the outcome, you know the DNS is propagated.
Can I speed up the propagation process?
The quick answer is no. You can try speeding up the propagation time by having your TTL set to a lower number (not recommended). This will refresh the DNS at a quicker rate. We set the default TTL to 14400 (4 hours); however the network that you are using to access the internet may update at a slower rate. You can try Clearing your DNS cache or "Flush the DNS".
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