There are many differences are there between premium  & unlimited .

In premium hosting, In short, you will have more speed & better performance and better support, better RAM to serve your pages quickly. Behind this, many technical things are there.

Weekly and Monthly Backup

Backup Will be stored in 2 different Location

Up time guarantee of 99.99%

Bandwidth over usage will be allowed

Raid 10 level Server, Read and write will be speed

SIX zone security level Data center

5 level Network service provider

CPU usage limit will be 30%

In normal shared hosting server, more than 100s of websites will be hosted and in premium hosting, only less number of websites will be hosted compared to that of normal website hosting.

The special feature of this plan is you would get shared 4 GB RAM

High cpu usage which is much needed for application to run smoothly

Relative processing power of a VPS

High End server with the Configuration of

  1. 4 TB HDD
  2. 2 X Hexa core
  3. 96 GB RAM
  4. 24 core Processor
  5. 2.64 Ghz speed