Websites are not loading in Firefox

1.Security software is blocking the connection

Check if your Internet security software is blocking the connection to the Internet, Using Internet your browser will contact the web hosting server.


2.System time is incorrect

Kindly check system's date, time and timezone settings are configured correctly. Firefox may have issues validating the website's security certificate if the date/time is incorrect.


3.DNS cache

Some times DNS is not propagated correctly. Kindly flush your DNS cache.


  • Open the command terminal.

Screenshot from 2017-10-23 16:17:01.png


  • Run ipconfig /flushDNS

Screenshot from 2017-10-23 16:16:26.png


  • OR Run the command /etc/init.d/nscd restart

4.Other resources

  • Firefox nor another browser can load any websites, the problem is external Or browser problem not server end.

  • Some times firewall Chrome got corrupted. just reset all rules which allowed the system to make a new one and now it is working just fine.

  • The website is working fine chrome browser but not other browser like mozilla firefox, internet explorer and opera. it's not server end problem. Its may be browser cache and Cookies and also optimize your CSS and JSS files.

Chrome not responding kindly follow the below steps to check.

  • Rebooting the computer

  • Resetting Chrome (deleting all Content & Cookies; restoring all default browser settings)

  • Uninstalling and re-installing Chrome

  • Kindly disabling  virus protector (Microsoft Security Essentials)

  • Kindly update the new version of browsers


Firefox cannot load certain websites

Firefox can't load some websites but not others, clear your Firefox cookies and cache:


  • Click the menu button ==> choose History and select Clear Recent History....

  • Select both Cookies and Cache.

  Click Clear Now.

  •  Kindly update the new version of browsers

Check for malware

Kindly check with some antivirus application are block the browsers, so disable the antivirus to check with it  and you should check your computer for malware.

If you have an antivirus or Internet security program, do a full scan of your system.